24.04.2016 | |

Three Colors

An experimental media performance for people aged 2 and up  |

holtschulte/loos/schmitz/vogel (Germany)

A white wall. A young man in front of it. Someone is sitting beside him, holding a musical instrument. Suddenly water drops appear on the white wall, one after the other. A lake forms. The musician begins to draw tones from the instrument. Blue color mixes into the water. It marks its paths hesitantly at first, then with more and more relish. The space changes. The young man is fascinated by this new world coming into being. He begins to explore it, to shape it. What will he create? Where will we travel with him?

»Three colors« is an artistic experience in perception employing three elements: projection, movement and music. The projections are created by a performer using an overhead projector, a container of water, and colors. The colors form abstract, shifting patterns on the wall. Another performer puts himself in relationship to the projections through movement. He reacts to them and discovers the developing shapes and colors together with the audience. The musician plays analog and invented instruments such as glockenspiel and percussion, letting the sounds influence the atmosphere and the changing moods of the performance.

At the closure, children have the chance to get involved themselves.

Premiere: April 24, 2016, Essen (Germany)

By and with: Christiane Holtschulte (projections), Manuel Loos (music) and Jasper Schmitz (performance) and Carolin Vogel (production direction and dramaturgy)
Theater pedagogy: Esther Aust, Katharina Feuerhake

Length: 40 Minuten

»Three colors« was created in 2015/2016 as co-production with Schauspiel Essen in the theater pedagogy series »The Hidden Room«

Supported by the Allbau Stiftung, the City of Essen and the Institute for Theatre sciences of the Ruhr University Bochum.