Monday, May 5, 13:00 – 15:00
Podewil (Mitte)

Tipping Utopia

Fake Lecture by Stephanie Maher | Ponderosa, Brandenburg

Ponderosa is a place and an international community in rural Brandenburg near the Oder river, where dance professionals and interdisciplinary artists find space for artistic research, performative experiments and hierarchy-free acquisition of knowledge. Ponderosa stands for the attempt to develop an alternative micro society in rural areas with urban and international references, in which artistic creation goes hand in hand with a socially and ecologically sustainable way of life. This year a three-year art project, funded by the newly established federal programme »Landkultur«, is launched. It will explore the potential of performative practice at this location for the future. Under the title »Tipping Utopia« and in collaboration with a group of artists who are artistically and amicably linked to Ponderosa »Tipping Utopia« examines utopian life and society concepts in their moments of tipping and failing. The inaccessibility, the non-place of utopia is the virulent core of Ponderosa's world of work and life. From here, new possibilities for the future are to be thought of, discarded and further developed in artistic research processes and creative experiments.

Stephanie Maher (Stolzenhagen/Germany) is founder and artistic director of the non-profit organisation Ponderosa e.V. and the project »Tipping Utopia«, which she will present in what she calls a »Fake Lecture« to interested industry professionals, to subsequently reflect with us on artistic creation in an imagined future.