Sunday, May 5, 18:00
Podewil (Mitte)

Film Screening

The documentary film »Système K« by French director Renaud Barret, portrays Tsimba together with other artists who are part of a vital and passionate subculture in Kinshasa and who see the city as their stage, where their bodies and recycled materials create haunting political art outside the world public.
»Système K« celebrated its world premiere at this year's Berlinale in February.

Freddy Tsimba, one of the artists portrayed in the film is invited to the FRATZ Festival and will speak to us about his work. He will also participate in the discussion »Did you think of the children?« on Monday evening at 17:30 at Podewil.

Freddy Tsimba (Kinshasa/Congo, born 1967) is a visual artist. He lives and works in his hometown Kinshasa. He became known worldwide through numerous exhibitions in Africa, Europe, Canada and China.
To oppose war with a message of remembrance and peace is Tsimba's motivation when he welds tens of thousands of old cartridge cases into oversized body silhouettes.

»My real school, even if I studied Fine Arts in Kinshasa, is the street where I get plenty of supplies [...] and when I go to my studio, »my humanitarian corridor« («mon couloir humanitaire») as I call it, I throw up everything that the street has given me to see, through what I touch - wire, sheet metal, etc., to pay tribute to those people who are everywhere victims of the injustices of others, of misunderstandings. Being an artist is an obsession.«

Tsimba is invited to speak at the FRATZ Symposium about his work and to discuss with us postcolonialism and artistic freedom, as well as motivations and effects of artistic creation.