FRATZ Atelier


for children 3 years and up

Nesting offers an environment to journey into internal landscapes. A nest-like structure will inhabit the remaining ruins of the Franziskaner Klosterkirche, hidden in plain sight in the centre of Berlin. A curious space that evokes the imagination through sounds and sensations. Seemingly a basket, cave, womb, nest, or spaceship where one may be lulled into lucid dreaming. In the exchange between outer perceptions and inner experience, Nesting proposes a temporary ground to imaginatively experience oneself as being part of land.

One of the starting points to develop Nesting has been landing; a body of artistic research by Shelley Etkin. Rather than a notion of land as bordered territory, the work approaches the associated verb, landing, as a process of arriving into body and place through journeying. For this, Shelley works with imaginative somatic journeying as a method. The »landing sessions« explore a range of aspects including colonialism and migration, healing, felt knowing, and communication through embodied practice. Nesting has drawn inspiration from this research and through the collaborative framework of the FRATZ Atelier will open space to experiment with related questions in other formations.

Concept: Shelley Etkin
Sculpture: Yoav Admoni
Textile Design: Layla Klinger
Research & Presence/Performance: Iduna Hegen, Shelley Etkin
Dramaturgical Support: Doreen Markert
Musical counseling: Hilà Lahav

With friendly support by Ponderosa e.V. - Artist Residency in Lunow-Stolzenhagen, Brandenburg and Franziskaner Klosterkirche (Department of Art and Culture, Bezirksamt Mitte von Berlin).