FRATZ Encounters

The festival and symposium are embedded in the FRATZ Encounters, a workshop program lasting several months with twelve kindergarten groups in six Berlin districts. Artistic encounters between children, parents, teachers, theater educators and artists are an integral part of the overall concept of FRATZ. These will be supported for the third and last time in 2019 by the Berlin Cultural Education Project Fund, Pillar 2.
The concept of FRATZ Encounters is based on belief that theater is extraordinarily well suited to developing awareness of one's own potential effectiveness. The Encounters open up artistic spaces. These are rooms where children and adults can play and experiment, in which everyone can try out possibilities for action and expression and test how well they fit. In these protected spaces, children can experience real participation as well as aesthetic enjoyment.
FRATZ 2019 is holding a total of six artistic encounters with children. One program highlight is a guest performance in their own neighborhood during the festival. Shortly beforehand, the children get to know »their« artists during a visit to their kindergarten, which includes a workshop related to the production.

The 2019 cooperation partner nursery schools are:

  • Kinder- und Schülerladen Tüte Mücken e.V. | Wedding
  • Kindertagesstätte »Die Senfkörner« | Marzahn-Hellersdorf
  • Kita des Nachbarschaftsheim Neukölln e.V. und Kita Pimpinella | Neukölln
  • Kita Sonnenschein | Lichtenberg
  • Kita Ackerstraße | Spandau
  • Kindergärten NordOst (Schlossparkspatzen) | Weißensee

Our concept for FRATZ Encounters

  • Beyond neighborhood boundaries – into districts with fewer cultural opportunities.
  • Art and culture can be meaningful for everyone, regardless of age and social or cultural background.
  • Our understanding of theater means not just watching it, but making it: Through experimentation, research and sensual exploration and engagement with the world.
  • Encounters with international artists can create irritations and exchanges, which are ideally fruitful and inspiring.
  • We want to create a deeper aesthetic interaction (shared between generations) and thus evoke new experiences.
  • Educators and parents are important partners and contact persons in FRATZ Encounters because, by setting a good conditional framework, they help to enable the children to explore in an aesthetic mode. They also provide two essential prerequisites for successful early childhood cultural education: attachment and resonance.

Mobile studio in the Köpenick district

We see the studios within the FRATZ framework as experimental spaces at the interface of watching and participating. The artists give impulses and make offers, initially inviting the children to watch. Distinct participative phases are woven directly into the performance or just afterwards, during which children can play with the physical and aesthetic materials used and try things out.

This combination of watching and activity situates the studios particularly well for establishing contacts with new daycare centers and sparking interest to participate in more intensive programs, like our FRATZ Encounters or other offers, such as TUKI or TUKI ForscherTheater.
The educators have the opportunity to observe their children and ideally, to see the potential that theater offers them. After the Sound Laboratory visit, one educator said: »Something like this should basically happen in the kindergarten every week.«
This is the first year that the Treptow-Köpenick district is part of the FRATZ Encounters program.