Did you think of the children? II – Bonds that last

A conversation between Marie Yan and the artists of the productions TAH DAM!, KOLOFU and FLIP-FLOP

Timeslot: May 14th, 12:30 - 15:00
Location: Podewil Konferenzraum 1 (Mitte)

In this conversation we invite the artists of our guests performances Kolofu, Tahdam! and Flip Flop to tell us about the before, after and in-between of creating their pieces for young children. In a postcolonial context, when working with material that sparks debate or that belongs to another community, how important is it, to nurture the bonds that exist between artist, producers, participants, audience? How do you do that? Are long-term relations the only way for decolonial and emancipatory practices in art? What is this often emotional labour called that ties artists to a temporality that goes beyond the moment of the performance? What are the difficulties and maybe the rewarding aspects of engaging for longer periods of time? In this conversation we reflect on when the work for very young children brings with itself extra responsibility and dedication of time.

Registration: accreditation@fratz-festival.de

The event can be well combined with a performance visit of KOLOFU at 10:30 at the same venue, and FLIP-FLOP at 17:30 at FELD Theater für junges Publikum. Tickets are available at the FRATZ ticket shop.
After KOLOFU you can join us for lunch at the foyer/garden of Podewil.