Performing arts for the very young in Hong Kong

Live zoom-conversation and screening of the work of HK5senses with Gemini Wong Yuk Tak

Timeslot: May 16th, 12:30 - 14:30 Uhr
Location: Oyoun Kultur NeuDenken (Neukölln) and also online

Our curator Marie Yan spent half a year in Hong Kong in 2021 for a theatre project and during this time she came across the work of HK5Senses Theatre, which is dedicated to create performing arts and labs for babies and young children.

As part of the FRATZ 2022 symposium, we want to get to know the work of this theater by showing their video documentary with English and German subtitles and meeting the theater maker in a public zoom call for an exchange. We would like to learn something about the working conditions of the artists in Hong Kong and experience how families - the audience of the HK5Senses Theatre – work and live in this metropolis. HK5senses is Hong Kong’s first and only professional theatre company dedicated to sensory and immersive theatre for a very young audience. A long-time pioneer of performing arts for the very young in Asia, with invitations to ASSITEJ International World Conference 2020 and from ASSITEJ Japan and Korea among others, director and founder Gemini Wong Yuk Tak willl be with us to share her experience.

The exchange will take place in English. If interested, a Zoom translation to German can be organized.
Registration until April 29th:

The event can be well combined with a performance visit of TAH DAM! by MusicDance Cape Town (South Africa) at 11:00 am at oyoun. The venue has a café with snacks and wifi for the break. Tickets are available at the FRATZ ticket shop.