FRATZ Atelier

where many birds sing

With Milla Koistinen, Paul Valikoski, Ladislav Zajac
for 3 years and up

The atelier sessions will focus on the physicality and sounds of forests; their effect on our bodies and how the physical presence of a human body affects the forest. In the atelier the forest is recreated by text, sound, movement and the imagination of the children.

In where many birds sing the team will use different materials to model a forest. Similarly, a soundscape will be realized to re-imagine the sounds of the forest using both organic and synthetic mediums. The atelier plays with the borders of reality, artificiality, imagination, and invites the children to be part of this game.

    Research question: »I have worked with children in my previous creations as well and I am interested in how to co-create with children. In this specific work I am curious to explore how children can communicate with the audience and guide them throughout a world we create together.«
    (Milla Koistinen)

Concept, Choreography, Music / Sounddesign, Space / Lightdesign: Milla Koistinen, Paul Valikoski, Ladislav Zajac
Assistance: Christopher-Felix Hahn