Recordings FRATZ 2020

FRATZ Opening (2020-10-23)

00:00:30 | Opening Ceremony
00:35:49 | Talk with artists of this year's festival
01:36:12 | Q&A / Discussion

Small, but Mighty! – Choreographers about the work for (very) young audiences (2020-10-24)

00:00:36 | Part 1: Florian Bilbao, Milla Koistinen
00:55:30 | Part 2: Malgven Gerbes, Jasmin İhraç, Isabelle Schad

Research Laboratory: The Superpowers of the so far not-celebrated Super-heroines (2020-10-25)

00:00:35 | Talk with Caroline Alvez, Mareike Jung and Iury S. Trojaborg of the research laboratory
Find a recording of an early version of the performance here on YouTube.

Research Laboratory: TAH DAM! (together at home, dance and music) (2020-11-07)

Click here for the project website of TAH DAM!.

Research Laboratory: Skin-Tone (2020-11-08)

Watch the documentary on KiNiNso Koncepts Productions' research here on YouTube.

Playing With Authority (2020-11-08)