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FRATZ 2020 - We go online! Register now

We are very happy to announce that we have successfully staged the first weekend of FRATZ International 2020 – 15 performances live at Theater o.N., Tanzhalle Wiesenburg, GRIPS Podewil and Familienzentrum Kreuzberg. And with an audience on site.

With the opening and two rounds of discussions, we also startet exchanging ideas on our topics "race – class – gender. Intersectional Perspectives in Dance and Theater for the Youngest". You can get a visual impression in the photo gallery below. We are currently working on links to audio tracks for listening to recordings of the individual events, available on request at accreditation@fratz-festival.de.

For the second weekend focusing on the symposium, we are now moving completely to the internet and are no less happy to see and hear your faces and voices through our computers!

Unfortunately we cannot publish everything online: the work of the FRATZ Atelier where many birds sing (Milla Koistinen, Paul Valikoski, Ladislav Zajac, assistance: Christopher-Felix Hahn), as well as the performance i... livin' space by Andreas Pichler and the installation Tröpfchen by Florian Bergmann, Benedikt Bindewald, Minouche Petrusch have to be omitted due to the situation. This is disappointing for the artists as well as for us as organizers and we hope to be able to make up for the collaboration at some point.

We are looking forward to your and your registrations – to an exciting weekend together!