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Creative activity space for children aged 3 months to 3 years |

Theater de Spiegel (Antwerp, Belgium)

A cosy play area offers babies, children and their parents an oasis of peace containing a nest, a sleeve tunnel house, a bamboo hut, a camp, a ladder tent, etc.
Within their playing, building and discovering, we can observe busy hands, open mouths and small steps carried along at their own tempo by what they see, hear and feel.

The musicians keep pace with the playful rhythm of the young children. Sometimes they do nothing, sometimes they play notes, sometimes they explore together. Moments of shared enjoyment occur, a brief respite from everyday life.

Theater De Spiegel was founded in 1965 as a puppet and object theater focusing on making productions mainly for children and families. The first production of Karel Van Ransbeeck for very young children was »Dikke vrienden« (1995), suited for an audience aged about 2-1/2 years and up. After that came the music theater production »De rode draad/k« for children aged 1-1/2 years and up. This production put Theater De Spiegel on the map of European art for the very young. Other internationally notable productions were »R« (»air«) (for ages 18 months to 3 years) in 2005, in co-production with the French dance and object theater Cie Balabik; »Nest« und »Niet drummen«.

Every two years, together with Musica impulse center for music and Domain Dommelhof in Neerpelt, Theater De Spiegel organizes the Babelutfestival.

Original premiere: December 27, 2012, Antwerp (Belgium)

Performance: Johan Dils, Nicolas Ankoudinoff, Joeri Wens, Jean Bermes

Concept, Direction and Scenography: Karel Van Ransbeeck
Set Design
: Wim van de Vyver, Babs Franco, Raf Cammaer, Aïcha Aalouchi, Stef Vetters

Length: 90 minutes

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