05.05.2019 | |

Four on the floor [Vier sind hier]

Ensemble production for ages 2 and up |

GRIPS Theater (Berlin, Germany) |

They know each other well. One practices flying. Two is amazed at his feet: One of them goes along with the other one – moving forward! One and Two are always together. Yet as everyone knows, all good things come in Threes! Or even Fours? But Three isn’t playing. He says: »No, I can do it all by myself.« And disappears under the table. But oh, how delicious it is to be found again after you’ve been hiding. Four doesn’t talk much, but his noises tell of loneliness as well as caring comfort.

Three actors and a musician enter into a world underneath a giant table. A world in which tasks appear that seem greater than one’s self. We all constantly face obstacles that we cannot overcome – and we are all delighted to find ways or shortcuts around these obstacles. The four under the table invite us into a musical and comic exploration of those special moments when you manage to do something all by yourself for the first time; and of the moments when we realize just why we need other people. It’s an enjoyable balancing act between the great desire for freedom, personal empowerment and community.

GRIPS represents liberation, movement and participation, as a theater that never loses sight of its audience. Since 2011, GRIPS has also been developing works with this approach aimed at the very young.

Premiere: 6. September 2018 (Berlin, Germany)

Performers: René Schubert, Asad Schwarz-Msesilamba, Regine Seidler, Martin Fonfara
Director: Sabine Trötschel
Set and costumes: Klemens Kühn
Music: Martin Fonfara
Dramaturgy: Nora Hoch
Theater pedagogy: Anna-Sophia Fritsche

Duration: 40 minutes

With the friendly support of the Heinz and Heide Dürr Foundation.