Sound Lab

The laboratory is an experimental space within the context of FRATZ International and Berlin Showcase. Over the course of one week, during encounters with daycare and kindergarten groups, we will explore research questions on the topic of musical theater. The central focus of our interest is on the noises and sounds produced by the adult artists, as well as by the participating children.

In a room equipped with acoustic possibilities, Sebastian Fuchs (speaker and vocal artist), Nora Krahl (cellist) and Ania Michaelis (director) will devote themselves to themes of silence, sound, noise, making music visible, repeatability, crescendo, shock, building and releasing tension and especially, to the search for an inner musicality without a previous narrative.

We are interested in the difference between noise and sound, whereby sound is here defined as a repeatable, created result, as the first step of a composition, so to speak. A further matter in our focus is the relationship between reception and participation and the possibilities for interaction between adults and children in an artistic process.