Anarchie ≠ Chaos – Un:gleichheit

Anarchie ≠ Chaos – Un:gleichheit is a creative workshop for each of the participants to appropriate a fictional story coming from a reflection on equality and inequality. Equality is a constant search in anarchist utopias, but what do we know about it? About its history? What it looks or tastes like? Can we identify it? Have all of us experienced it? When? By learning more about what equality looks like, can we root better our struggles against inequality?

Together, younger and older, we will try to create a temporary space to share across generations what equality or equity mean for us and how our perspectives can enrich one another. We will ask ourselves what are the times we experienced equality, if we ever did, and using intersectional perspectives we will look at how the absence of equality is lived, how inequality may determine or limit our bodies and imagination.

Concept: Marie Yan and Johanna Hawighorst
Moderation: Marie Yan
Theatre Pedagogy: Cindy Ehrlichmann

Where: digitally 
When: November 6, 2020, 17:00 to 19:30
Who and how
: Event for children from 8 years, teenagers and adults // free admission.