Sunday 5 May
Botanischer Volkspark Pankow and Podewil

Open Space: »Another World in the Here and Now of Artistic Practice«

Co-created by the organizer and participants

After a short prelude by Doreen Markert, curator of the symposium, with reflections on imagination and utopias in the here and now, the symposium participants are warmly invited to propose their own topics for joint consideration under the heading »Another World«. These can be impulses for discussion, questions, methods, practical suggestions, etc. Duration: up to 60 minutes.

In addition, a selection of four additional topics investigates new directions in artistic practice:

Part 1 from 11 to 13:30 at Botanischen Volkspark Pankow (followed by bus travel to Podewil)

  1. »Body and Narure«
    Angela Schubot and Lea Kieffer offer a practical exploration in context of the artistic research on »YEW«.
  2. »Garden As Studio«
    Shelley Etkin (»Nesting«) hosts a stroll through the Volkspark to gain insight into her research approach.

Part 2 from 14:30 to 17 Uhr at Podewil, Berlin-Mitte

  1. »Theater Without Borders«
    Nigerian theatermaker Joshua Alabi hosts a conversation about co-productions between Nigeria and Western Europe.
  2. »Producing dramaturgy: attempt at a difficult manifesto« – with Marie Yan (dramaturg and author)
    Production and dramaturgy often both work in the shadows and yet do not often talk to one another. One allows what is on stage to happen; one weaves what is on stage. But how can production choices reinforce or weaken the lines of meaning drawn out by dramaturgy? Can we still look at art and not think of the materials it uses, the waste it produces? Yet, what does the art scene weigh compared to industrial complexes, and can we escape divisive small-scale guilt-tripping when it comes to thinking, among others, about sustainability? In this open space we will look at different initiatives in the art world meant to accompany a needed paradigm shift and try to find some imperfect lines of conduct for ourselves.

Participants can submit their suggestions on site. A timetable will be drawn up for the working groups based on the interest and number of participants. The groups’ conclusions will be collected at the end and can be further processed beyond the scope of the symposium.

The drawing below was created in the course of the preparations for the symposium: a map of relevant aspects and associations to the topic "Another World", as they arose in research and discussions with participants. We will take up these threads at the symposium, where we are likely to reject, change and expand them in part.

Sunday, 5 May, 13:30 – 17:00

FRATZ Market

Here, invited groups and artists have the opportunity to exchange ideas with each other and present their work to the organisers. New contacts can be made and cooperations forged. It may also be simply a moment for lively discussion among colleagues.